HARMONiQ Business Software

HARMONiQ is a revolutionary sales, accounting and business management software from Micronet Systems.

It’s simple, powerful, and extremely flexible and is the first product of its type that can be truly personalised to suit the way you want your business and your people to work, every time.

HARMONiQ incorporates Financials, Commercials, Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards and CRM / Marketing modules within a single system and has the smallest implementation footprint and fastest customisation times in the industry.

HARMONiQ is inherently robust and scalable which means it will grow with your business and never need to be replaced.

If your business is involved in Warehousing, Distribution, Automotive, Manufacturing, Processing, Service, Job Costing, Retail or Trade then HARMONiQ can help you to manage and grow your business.


The general ledger is the core, where all financial data is recorded and monthly, quarterly and yearly management accounts are produced - supporting multi-currency trade, if required.


This records both purchase and sales orders while allowing end users to schedule demand, manage inventory and provide a clean flow of information across the entire organisation. Manage the whole sales process from leads through to quotes, sales and lost sales.


All correspondence with customers is available here, from normal emails to quotes, orders,
deliveries and invoices. Your sales pipeline is built-in, allowing accurate sales forecasting and marketing functionality.


At the core of the product is iQ, the comprehensive Business Intelligence Dashboard. Here you can get up to the minute snaphots of your business activities, all infinitely customisable to display just the right information you need about your business. View snapshots of your Backorders, Inventory, Lost Sales, Sales, Sales Summary and What-If scenarios.


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