Reckon Accounts Hosted gets re-work

Posted by admin on September 29, 2013

The very popular Reckon Accounts Hosted has received a complete re-work following a performance review and the appointment of Zac Levy (General Manager - Hosting Division) to Reckon earlier in the year.

Reckon Accounts Hosted is the full Enterprise version of Accounts that is hosted on servers in Sydney. It has proven very popular and as a result some cracks were appearing in the overall system performance. To combat this and a number of other user identified issues (e.g. printing), a complete overhall has been completed.

The new Reckon Accounts Hosted v2 is due for release later in the year following beta testing and evaluation by Reckon Partners. Going forward the current 'Standard' (Windows RDP) version will be retired in favour of consolidating to the single platform Premium (Citrix) version.

We'll keep you posted...