Our story

The right information anywhere, anytime.

Complete Information Solutions (CIS) is all about installing the right technology, software and business systems to help your business thrive. Having the right business systems and technology in place can help your business do magical things. We’ve got the keys to unlock unlimited potential… all you need to do is show us where to start.

Our story

While working as a Business Systems Analyst, Director Kerry Johnson saw many businesses that were being sold the wrong types of systems and technology for their needs. Kerry started CIS to help these businesses take the power back. His solution was to offer tailored technology, solutions and business systems for each client. His aim was to provide plenty of support after installation to ensure less headaches for business owners.

What we do

Think of us as your “technological matchmakers”, helping you to find the perfect business systems and technology for your needs.

Top notch training and ongoing system support

If your technical expertise ends at “switch it off then switch it back on again”, don’t stress. We’re not going to simply install the systems and walk away. We’ll hook you up with the right training, tools and advice to help you master it, putting the power back in your hands. Or you can just leave it all up to us and breathe a sigh of relief.

Broad industry experience

We can help businesses across a broad range of industries, including manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, retail, hospitality, trades, finance and beyond. Big or small, we roll out the red carpet for every client.

Technology translators

The team at CIS will become your technical translators, putting all the jargon into simple terms. Because we don’t just want you to simply invest in these solutions… we want you to master them.

Finger on the pulse – efficiencies through innovation

Our team is obsessed with finding the latest and greatest innovations in business technology, meaning we’re ahead of the game when it comes to new product development and improvements. We do all the research so you don’t have to.

Something to fit every budget and requirement

If there’s an area of your business that is posing a challenge or needs strengthening, Complete Information Systems can help deliver a return on your investment. We tailor everything to make sure it’s customised specifically to your business needs.

Why choose us?

Top notch expertise and knowledge

Trustworthy and reliable every time

5 star service makes the hard stuff easy

Our clients know we “just get it”

Clear return on investment


Future focused

Here's our story

  • 15.05.2009Complete Information Solutions is born

    After a long career in a Tasmanian private enterprise, Kerry made the move to a new career, returned to university and commenced a career in the information solutions space. After being employed in the industry and seeing too many ‘square pegs in round holes’, he breaks free of his chains and starts his own business. Complete Information Solutions is born.
  • 01.07.2009Focus on Accounting and Business Systems

    At the core of any business is a good financial management and reporting solution. We knew this and set about aligning ourselves and achieving accreditation with the best small business accounting solutions available.
  • 01.10.2009Inventory and Distribution Specialists

    Kerry grew up on inventory, sales and distribution and knew it like the back of his hand. Inventory is a ‘sweet spot’ for Complete Information Solutions and staying up to date with developing trends in this space is core to what we do.
  • 26.08.2014 Customer Relationship Management

    Customers are king right? Managing your customers is key to any successful business and with the growing trend in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, Kerry set about seeking out the latest in CRM developments to match his customers needs. Enter the world of CRM!
  • 26.05.2016Total POS Solutions launches

    Complete Information Solutions' little brother Total POS Solutions launches. The hospitality and tourism industries hot up in Tasmania providing another opportunity for the team to grow and become intimate with the ins and outs of these specialised industries and the solutions needed to help them grow.
  • 01.09.2017Bookkeeping and Accounting Integration

    After receiving numerous requests to add to our specialist knowledge in accounting solutions we expanded our range of services to include bookkeeping and have developed specialist knowledge with integration to accounting solutions.
  • 01.11.2018DEAR Partners

    Following a string of successful DEAR implementations and being confident that DEAR aligns with our own high standards of quality and customer-focus we decided to become partners. Our relationship with DEAR allows us to deliver the best possible service for our clients looking to create a first-class inventory management system for their business.
  • 01.01.2019AroFlo Authorised Partners

    Even early on we realised the potential that AroFlo had in the job costing software arena. AroFlo provides everything a trade business would want and for this reason we decided to become an official Authorised Partner. We offer our trade business clients a complete package to realise their job costing solution.