The Industry-Leading Job Costing and Job Management Platform.

AroFlo provides trade-based businesses with the tools they need to develop, adapt and grow. Key features include accurate quote generation, advanced reporting, scheduling and the automation of businesses processes and workflows.

AroFlo is cloud software meaning it is available to access from almost any device with an internet connection. It is also possible to integrate with the most popular cloud accounting packages such as Xero, Reckon, MYOB and Quickbooks Online.

Job Management and Scheduling

One of AroFlo's key purposes is to reduce the need for paperwork and time spent in administrative tasks. Manage jobs from start to finish with unrivalled speed and accuracy. Track jobs, record billable hours, send invoices and even accept payments in the field.

Access a calendar to see a organisational overview of all tasks to be completed and by whom. Visually drag and drop jobs on the calendar to reschedule. Set up recurring jobs to ensure maintenance contracts are never broken.


Job Costing

AroFlo supports the recording of all business related costs including purchases of materials, labour and other miscellaneous expenses that are critical to record in order to ensure profitability. Know exactly how profitable a job was and learn where wastage lies. Easily add materials to a job and they can automatically be priced based on cost and markup rates.


Advanced Reporting

Access a large collection of pre-made reports that will deliver great insights into your business that will expose strengths and weaknesses. Pre-made reports include Profit and Loss, Job Activity and Employee Productivity reports. AroFlo also allows for customisation, if AroFlo doesn't include a report you want out of the box then it is very likely it can be made to your specifications.

Reports reveal sensitive data about your business and it is possible to take advantage of AroFlo's advanced user permission system to only allow specific users to have access.



  • Job Costing
  • Timesheets
  • Project Management
  • Purchasing
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Cloud-Based - Always There When You Need It
  • Field Mobility
  • Invoicing
  • Support for Over-the-Counter Sales

... And Much More

  • Payment Gateways and Mobile Payments
  • GPS Tracking
  • Enforce Workplace Safety Proceedures
  • Support for Recurring jobs
  • Upload Documents and Photos against Jobs
  • Stock Control and Management
  • Access Permissions
  • Advanced Customisation
  • Accounting Integration

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