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What is Cloud Integration?

Modern business solutions are more commonly obtained as a service directly from the Internet nowadays with no need to install on your local office computer. Such business solutions are Cloud-based Accounting, Inventory Management and Manufacturing to name a few. Being online 24/7 allows for these solutions to talk to each other and share information seamlessly aka "integrate". We at Complete Information Solutions are your specialist Cloud Integrators.

Business Systems that Talk to Each Other

Integrating Cloud business systems together open up a whole set of benefits to a business. For example integrating an Inventory and Manufacturing solution with an Accounting solution can solve double entry issues that waste time and introduce errors. The integration process allows the solutions to talk to each other and share data on your behalf.


Automate Workflows

Integration allows businesses to automate workflows that would otherwise consume many resources. For example you can integrate a Distribution solution with an existing E-Commerce solution to receive orders and automatically process and print delivery dockets. Track orders from the moment they are received by the business to the moment they are received by the Customer, completing the sales process.


The Cloud Ecosystem

The Cloud ecosystem has evolved into a massive collection of services that support almost all areas of business with many solutions competing for customers. We have significant experience and interest in the Cloud ecosystem and know the best solutions to provide to our clients looking to move their businesses forward.

The below infographic illustrates how much time can be saved by retailers that implement cloud integration in their business processes.

At the centre is an Inventory Management solution which is fed orders via phone orders and automatically with an integration with e-Commerce. Those sales are then fed automatically via integration to the Accounting Solution and automatically allocated to revenue and other accounts.

Products and stock levels are automatically fed into the Point of Sale via integration and is always up to date. As sales are automatically processed they are immediately available in the Logistics solution ready for delivery and ready-made shipping labels can be printed. Accurate shipping costs are always available via the Delivery service integration. At no point is there any double entry of data.


What can Cloud Integration do for your business?

Key Features

  • Reduce or eliminate double-entry
  • Time and cost savings
  • Eliminate errors
  • Streamline your processes
  • Increased flexibility
  • Reduce employee error
  • Competitive advantage
  • Always-on availability


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