Automotive Job Costing Solutions

Automotive job costing can often be a complicated endevour. Getting an accurate sum of labour and materials can be the differrence between profitability and loss, data inaccuracies or lack of tracking can ensure issues in the future. Keeping track of client and vehicle records is important for customer service. We have the solutions to get your business running at peak performance as well as giving you a complete view of your business activities.

Job Quotes and Invoicing

Get accurate quotes and invoices to customers quickly. Take advantage of the power of document templates, parts and labour items in your system's database and rest assured that you and the customer will only get correct up-to-date information.


Workshop Scheduling

Ensure you never double-book customers again. With our automotive job costing software solutions your team of automotive professionals will always have access to up-to-date and informative workshop schedules. Identify slow and busy times in the past, present and then plan for the future to increase profitability.


Customer Relationship Management

Keep a full history of past jobs for all your customers. Find your most valuable customers, build marketing campaigns and ensure quotes get followed up. Quickly lookup past job history, contact information, pending orders and more. Ensure all steps in the sales process from a customer relationship perspective are covered - We can help.


Workshop Part and Inventory Management

Supplier catalogue and parts management can be a very time consuming and error-prone process. We have the solutions to help you manage your business's supplier part catalogues and to perform maintenance when the prices or other characteristics change for those items.

Need to work with dozens of supplier catalogues or apply mass price decreases on thousands of products or do another form of maintenance? Our solutions can make this easy

What We Offer

MechanicDesk is a leading management solution for automotive, mechanical and marine workshops. This solution gives businesses full control over their activities including job management, quotes and invoicing, customer relationship management, suppliers and much more. Also supports integration with popular accounting packages.

AM-Win is a comprehensive job costing package that has a focus on automotive, maintenance and other service-based industries. AM-Win supports job cards and many types of reports to ensure no aspect of your service-based business remains in the dark. We offer project management services and can help you take the first step in getting AM-Win running in your business.

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What can Automotive Job Costing software do for your business?

Key Features

  • Scheduling
  • Generate accurate quotes
  • Automatically generate customised invoices
  • Parts and asset management
  • Easily manage supplier catalogues
  • Keep track of employee utilisation
  • Integrate with accounting software


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