Advanced Protection Against Hackers and Malware

Sophos is a worldwide leader in hardware and software designed to protect businesses against the latest online threats. For this reason we have decided to partner with them to provide our customers with the best options on the market to protect their computer networks.

Our experienced team can design and implement a bulletproof computer and network protection system with Sophos technology at its core. Continue reading to discover how Sophos can protect your business.

XG Firewall

The XG Firewall from Sophos offers powerful protection and monitoring for business networks. Much more intelligent then traditional firewall technology, the Sophos XG firewall doesn't only block known risks but is also advanced enough to respond to unknown threats. Manage this solution with the equally powerful Sophos Central app.

Expose Hidden Risks - Enables visibility into risky users, advanced threats, suspicious payloads, encrypted tragic and much more. Out-of-the-box reporting makes it easy to spot and take action on threats.

Blocks Unknown Risks - Taking advantage of the latest AI-powered threat analysis, Sophos XG Firewall is able to provide advanced email protection along with a whole suite of other features that are easy to setup and manage.

Automatically Respond to Incidents - Unique to the Sophos XG Firewall solution is its ability to pinpoint and automatically respond to incidents. Working independently or in conjunction with Sophos Intercept X, the source of infections on the network can automatically be detected and controlled by limiting the machine's access to network and internet resources.


Intercept X

One of the most innovative and effective anti-malware products in the world, Sophos Intercept X utilises state-of-the-art deep learning AI techniques to discover and eliminate even the most evasive computer threats. Root cause analysis allows the user to see what identified malware had done and where it originated.

Intercept X specialises in identification and eradication of emerging attacks such as ransomware that locks down business computers with encryption, only freeing them once a ransom has been paid to the attacker. CryptoGuard, a module of Intercept X, silently works in the background to ensure your files do not fall victim to this damaging attack.

Intercept X Advanced with EDR

Sophos Intercept X Advanced with EDR consolidates powerful endpoint detection and response (EDR) with unmatched endpoint protection. This advanced version of Intercept X also takes advantage of signature-based scanning to further extend malware identification and eradication.

Designed for IT administrators and combining many powerful tools such as command line tools to remotely respond to threats and access to out-of-the-box SQL queries. Sophos Intercept X advanced with EDR is the world’s best endpoint protection, combining ransomware protection, deep learning malware detection, exploit prevention, EDR, and more in a single solution.


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