Accurate Customer and Supplier Data in an Instant

It can be incredibly frustrating for both customers and employees alike if important information keeps falling through the cracks with lost leads, sales and contracts as a result. Fast data entry and retrieval is critical in modern business. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions offer a fix for this. Record customer and supplier contact details and correspondence, take notes and record activities as well as manage leads and opportunities through the sales process.
We offer CRM solutions that can be hosted either on your business premises or in the Cloud. Our cloud offering features remote hosting, lower capital costs, integrations and availability while on the move.

Customer Relationship Management Solutions

Despite the name, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions are aimed at more than just data collection around customers but also support data collection for suppliers (e.g. purchase orders), leads and competition.

CRM solutions are essential for businesses that pride themselves on high-quality customer service as information is recorded and won't walk out the door with employee turnover, the data is retreiveable by anyone at any time.


Track Sales from Start to Finish

CRM solutions can allow businesses to record sales from leads through to delivery. Generate quotes from goods or services predefined in the system and generate subsequent sales orders and invoices. All generated documents are automatically stored in a database for easy access later.

Transactions can be synced with accounting solutions to provide a complete and integrated business solution. Supports businesses that primarily sell goods or services or a mix of both.


Recording the Details

Keep track of all contacts within your Customer's and Supplier's organisations and different channels to get in touch. Easily sync emails against contacts and jobs so you save time retrieving crucial information and are never caught unprepared.


Marketing Campaigns

Take advantage of the data you collect in your CRM solution to craft an effective marketing campaign. Create email templates for current sales or other promotions and send to a targetted subset of your customers based on specific conditions (e.g. high value customers, recent customers or customers from a specific region).
What can a CRM solution do for your business?

Key Features

  • Record Customer and Supplier data
  • Generate sales orders, purchase orders and invoices
  • Record employee time against jobs
  • Provide high-quality customer support
  • Define products and services on offer
  • Assist in marketing strategies
  • Integration with accounting and other cloud business solutions


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