Reliable and Cost-Effective Data Backup

Electronics break, it's a fact of life. Don't allow unexpected data loss and corruption to consume your business's resources. Allow us to manage your data backups using the latest technology and processes. Be proactive and discover the right data backup solution for your business today so you will be prepared for the future.

Archiving for Compliance

We offer solutions that will make you compliant with stringent archiving requirements. If you require documents or emails to be stored in a secure, fail-safe way for potential auditing far in the future, we have many options on offer. Reliable and offering peace-of-mind, save your business the cost of compliance breaches.

Our solutions are perfect in sensitive fields such as Law, Finance and Insurance.


Reduce Downtime

Reliance on computer systems and data today is more ubiquitous then ever. Downtimes can be costly and disruptive. Our backup solutions reduce downtime significantly by having recovery mechanisms on standby and when put into motion, will have your business working again quickly after a data loss event.


Security and Peace of Mind

We offer the very best cloud-based online backup solutions with security as the primary design focus. Have the peace of mind that your crucial business data is safe on infrastructure being managed by industry-leading experts and offering more security and redundancy than any on-site data backups could provide.

Protect your business from malware and from emerging threats such as ransomware that can cripple businesses.


Cost Savings

Compared to running manual backup hardware within your own business, the solutions we offer have very low or non-existent initial capital outlay and only incur light ongoing costs.

The costs of downtime related to data corruption and loss is also significant. Australian businesses have incurred a 65B loss in 2014 alone due to downtime resulting from data loss.



Set and forget, have your data backup plan on autopilot. After the initial selection of the data you want backed up in your business allow us to take the reins and remotely monitor your backups freeing up your time.


What we Backup

We offer solutions for backing up data no matter the format or how large, from documents to large multimedia libraries and databases.

We backup crucial business-related files and folders on Windows and Mac computers. We also manage backups of databases of popular software installed on local computers or servers providing safety in the cloud. System images and virtual machines are also supported by our managed backup solutions.


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