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Modern network and IT security threats are targeted and often conducted by very skilled criminals. Common attacks such as malware, indentity theft, denial of service and network infiltration are serious threats that cost some businesses enormous amounts of money each year.
Such attacks require effective solutions that get one step ahead of the attacker and stop them before they can even identify your business as a possible target.

Malware Protection

Malware has the potential to at best slow down office computers or at the worst lock down computers behind encryption and force the business to pay a ransom to unlock the computer or risk losing important data. Malware can find its way into office computers through malicious email attachments, compromised websites and other IT vulnerabilities.

We can help you secure all the computers on your network with leading anti-malware technology. We will set it up and your employees can be confident that issues will be identified and removed before they can cause damage.


Identity Theft

Sophisticated hackers are utilising ever more sophisticated methods to steal identities and impersonate authorities. Attackers can attempt to fool employees into thinking they are someone from within their own organisation and coerce these people to transfer money to them by using fraudulent email addresses. We offer solutions to end these attacks.


Firewall Network Protection

Enable the ability to view and perform deep analysis of network traffic. Identify and stop suspicious activity and a variety of network level attacks. Control what applications, services and people have the ability to connect to your network. Build network reports and find potential network performance issues.

What We Offer

Sophos is our enterprise network security provider of choice. With Sophos we are able to deliver powerful protection for your business including malware protection, a next-gen enterprise network firewall and protection from deceptive and malicious emails. It is always a good time to secure your business resources and we can help you achieve this with Sophos.

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