A Powerful Inventory Management Solution.

DEAR (soon to be known as Cin7 Core) provides a powerful inventory and manufacturing management solution to businesses of many different industries. Whether your business is primarily situated in sales, manufacturing, E-Commerce or a combination of many, DEAR provides tools to make business work better.

Hosted in the cloud and integrating with some of the most advanced software in the world such as Xero, DEAR gives you the freedom to centralise your operations and offers unrivalled business reporting.

We have a large wealth of knowledge that we have grown from our many successful DEAR implementations and we take advantage of this to ensure your transition to DEAR is as smooth as possible.


Advanced Inventory Management

Know exactly what your business has in stock at any time. DEAR allows businesses with both single and multiple warehouses/outlets the ability to have their finger on the pulse and conduct detailed reports of their stock situation. Easily generate purchase orders for specific suppliers when stock is low to ensure you are never caught unprepared.



Regarding sales, DEAR supports businesses of all sizes. Whether your business makes a few sales over the phone to wholesalers each week or are at the centre of a large E-Commerce and retail operation with thousands of sales each day, Dear supports it. It also easily integrates with the latest E-Commerce platforms such as WooCommerce and Shopify.

DEAR supports many sales channels and even many sales channels of the same type (e.g. running many different WooCommerce sites). Use DEAR to centralise your sales process and distribution in order to free your business of unnecessary complexity.

The DEAR POS module compliments the DEAR Inventory by provided a true Point of Sale experience in a retail environment. Running on a mobile device or PC you can operate Online or Offline, manage payment transactions and even accept orders for goods not in stock and have a backorder generated automatically in DEAR for processing.

DEAR Payments is a built-in B2B payment solution that helps merchants get paid faster for their wholesale orders.

DEAR B2B Portal

Invite your Wholesale customers into your B2B portal to provide them with a streamlined ordering process utilising their own price level. Orders are created directly in DEAR Inventory for processing. Control what gets listed or even create custom catalogues for your most important clients.


DEAR’s Warehouse Management System operates from a mobile device and offers multiple features to make your logistics operations more efficient. It communicates in real time with your backend to reduce order receiving errors, while the handheld Scan SKU mobile barcode scanner verifies orders, alerts users of discrepancies, creates item labels on demand, captures product numbers and more.



DEAR supports integrations for almost every aspect of business including accounting, E-Commerce, logistics, customer relationship management, point-of-sale systems, online business-to-business sales channels and business intelligence platforms. If you have a need, DEAR is almost certain to have a solution for you.

Integrations - eCommerce

Streamline and simplify your fulfilment process by automating the Pick, Pack and Ship steps for every sales channel. From receiving an order to fulfilling the order to your customer, you can complete the entire process automatically through DEAR’s eCommerce integrations.

Integrations - Crossfire EDI

Letting Crossfire take care of your EDI means that you can take full advantage of the business benefits of EDI including efficiency and cost savings, without needing in-house EDI experts. Crossfire integrates with DEAR Inventory and can be quickly and easily configured to work with your partners and retailers.

Integrations - StarShipIT

StarShipIT seamlessly integrates with Dear Inventory to streamline the process of shipping your Dear Inventory orders. This can include real time integration to your freight / shipping providers. E.g. Australia Post, Startrack & DHL.


DEAR is built in the cloud and is not constrained by hardware limitations in your business. DEAR grows with you and is available 24/7 anywhere an internet connection is available. DEAR supports businesses with only a small selection of items or tens of thousands. With easy to use data import and export functionality it is easier than ever to maintain the product range of a growing or large pre-existing business.


  • Manufacturing
  • Inventory Control
  • Sales (With Multi-Channel Support)
  • Purchasing
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Cloud-Based - Always There When You Need It
  • Business-to-Business Web Portal With Special Price Tiers
  • E-Commerce Sales Channel Integration and Support
  • Wide Variety of Integration Options

... And Much More

  • Drop Shipping
  • Fine User Access Control
  • Multi-Tier Price Lists
  • Unlimited Physical Locations
  • Batch and Serial Tracking
  • Easy Stock Transfer and Availability Reports
  • Barcode Scanning Support
  • Reorder Back-ordered Products
  • Product Families

Our Clients

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Beauty and the Bees

"I have found Complete Information Solutions to be very professional and always helpful. This project (after a 2-year failed one previously) has already saved us a LOT of time and hence money and I expect it will continue to do so. We can’t wait to learn more to maximize the benefit of all these systems to 100% of their capacity. We would thoroughly recommend Complete Information Solutions and all the systems they have implemented."


"Excellent service and very good product training to boot. CIS seamlessly integrated our accounting, logistics and e-commerce systems. Highly recommended."

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